Warehouse 13½

Today they creep closer.

In a warehouse somewhere in the U.S., a pile of skulls waits impatiently to be unleashed upon the world. Technically, they’re printed on the book cover for the 4th edition of the Anti-Hacker Tool Kit and therefore not capable of taking part in an apocalypse of the living dead. So, they’re not quite on the level of artifacts you might find in Warehouse 13. Never the less, it should be an entertaining book.
The new edition is a comprehensive rewrite of the material that first appeared over a decade ago. Inside it you’ll find guidance on how to use a variety of tools related to information security. Each chapter starts with an explanation of the whys and wherefores of a security topic, then describes how such tools came about and what purpose they serve.

I’ll be posting supplemental details, thoughts about new tools, and helpful files on this site. For example, this previous post covered some configuration details for John the Ripper, which shows up in Chapter 15.

You can also find articles on web application security at my other site, Deadliest Web Attacks.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on more content. It takes a lot of effort to impress someone like Mrs. Frederic.

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