Whither the Skull?

Anti-Hacker Tool Kit 4The release of the newest edition of the Anti-Hacker Tool Kit draws nigh. The writing is done, the copy edits are finished, and the page proofs have been reviewed. It’s taken over a year to completely rewrite the content from the previous edition. For one thing, the previous edition came out in 2006 and had quaint mentions of floppy disks and wonderment at 100GB disk drives. Such references age poorly against computing’s progress. For another thing, obsolete tools needed to be removed and the chapter structure revamped. But it was all worthwhile.

The book with the skull on its cover is back. It arrives in February 2014. And it wants brains.

You can preorder it from Amazon here.

More info will appear on this site over the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out articles on web security at deadliestwebattacks.com.

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